Why Social Media Is Important To Any Online Business

Why Social Media Is Important To Any Online Business

Why Social Media Is Important To Any Online Business

Social Media Networks. If there’s one thing that all top companies and brands around the world nail, it’s social media. That’s no coincidence, social media is an essential factor in any online business.

The fact is, social media is huge, period. The volumes of people that use platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram daily is mind-boggling. For business, you can get your brand out there for free. 91% of businesses use more than one social platform.

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According to HubSpot, social media has a 100% better conversion rate than standard outbound marketing.

Whatever your view of social media is, running a business without social accounts would be like bringing a toothpick to a gunfight. Unless you are Jackie Chan, you’re going to struggle.  

There are so many benefits to having social media. Ultimately, it will help you reach your end goals and generate higher profits.

Without further ado, let’s talk about what impact social will have on your business if you do it well.

Drive More Traffic

While this is a bit obvious. Regardless of if the users are seeing what you do for the first time, or they consistently engage with what you do. Social platforms will help bring people back to your website.

Once you have them as a ‘like’ or ‘follower’, it’s easy to reach them with your content and promotions.

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Make sure you are always posting and interacting with your users and give them a reason to come back to your website.


It’s a common misconception that social media links don’t benefit your SEO because they are ‘no follow’ links. Anyone that tells you social media doesn’t help your SEO is wrong. Google has over 200 factors that define where you rank. 

Even though social media doesn’t have a direct effect on your SEO rankings, there are other reasons why it does help such as branded searches, a more significant audience and simply more links.

Search Engine Journal has a well-explained article that goes into more depth on this subject.


Having Social Media accounts is so standard these days, it may look a little bit dodgy if you don’t have them set up. If you have a lot of likes or followers, and someone can see on your account that people love what you do, they’ll engage far better.

Most customer service in the modern era comes from social media rather than emailing the support team because it’s so much easier for users, make sure you stay on top of it.

Brand Awareness

Studies have shown that consumers will purchase or use a brand they know, rather than one they don’t, even if they’ve never used or bought anything from you before.

The most significant advantage though is just getting your name and logo in front of people whenever you can.

Think about it. If you’re on the train home and there are adverts everywhere for Pizza Hut, guess what takeaway you are going to fancy having tonight? You might not even pay much attention to the advert itself, or remember it. But you’re going to think about it subconsciously.

Back to Social Media! A lot of businesses won’t even promote their products on social, with the marketing plan being just for brand awareness. Being fun and engaging so that the brand is continuously at the forefront of consumers minds can only be a good thing.

Quality Traffic

People see Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc as social networks and nothing else. So if you do post some promotions or adverts, not everyone necessarily views it as an advert.

If you’re doing it right, by this point the combination of trusting your brand and consumers being receptive to your messages, the engagement is so much more powerful.

Understand Your Users

There are all kinds of tracking tools to discover the demographics of your users such as Google Analytics. But when you can talk with your users through social media, you can start to get to know them 1st hand.

Not only is this good to help you grow your social pages, but this information could be beneficial for other marketing methods and targeted adverts.

Customer Feedback

Following on from understanding your users, you can also quickly discover what people think of what you’re doing, what you do well, where you could improve and what you suck at.

All feedback is good feedback, even if it’s utterly demoralising. You can take the good, the bad, the ugly and use it all to improve your services. The great thing about doing this on social is that if people see you are genuinely doing what you can to improve and listen to the feedback, then they’ll continue to stay engaged with your efforts.

How important is social to your business?


Craig England
Craig England
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