Should You Sell Your Own Product Or Promote Others?

Should You Sell Your Own Product Or Promote Others

Should You Sell Your Own Product Or Promote Others?

When it comes to making your way in the world of online business, there is a key decision that you have to make: should you sell your own products, or should you promote products other people have made?

When considering the above question, most people immediately jump to the first option. Of course, they want to sell their own products; they want to have full control of the items they sell, and perhaps they have an invention that they’re convinced is going to make it big. These people assume that selling products made by other people couldn’t possibly be lucrative; that the people producing the products are the ones who are making the money.

To an extent, this is true: the companies and people producing products for sale are always going to generate a profit. You may wonder why you should market their products on their behalf if your own compensation is going to be an affiliate marketing commission. Why not just produce your own products, and take more of the profit?

Here’s why that might not be such a great idea…

Producing Products Is Costly

While the producers of products stand to make money from their efforts, they also experience a huge number of costs. They have overheads, bills, staff, and a variety of different payments to ensure that they are able to make their own product. Then, of course, there’s the storage costs, as well as postage, packaging, and the cost of complying with various business legislation.

So while they’re making plenty of money, they also have more going out in costs.

If you promote a product rather than making your own, then you don’t have those overheads. The cost of running your computer is just about the only cost you’ll incur on a regular basis, which means that the money you generate from sales is almost 100 percent profit. For the product makers, they’ll be lucky to be generating 20% profit from each sale— a reality that makes affiliate marketing look incredibly tempting.

The Risk Of Loss

If you were to produce your own product, then there’s every chance the marketplace just wouldn’t want that product. If this happens, you will have invested a huge amount of time, money, and effort into R&D work, production, marketing, and so on and so forth. If the product isn’t successful, you have to bite those losses and try to move onto your next venture.

However, if you decide to head to WOW Trk to choose a product that someone else has made to promote, you’re risking very little. There’s no expensive startup costs, no running costs, and if the market says no, you can just move onto another product. The advantage of this simplicity cannot be underestimated.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the decision is your own. If you’re sure you have a product that is worth the extra time and hassle, then go for it— it might be the making of your fortune. However, for most people, the low risk and ease of use of affiliate marketing is far preferable, and should be considered by those looking to generate an income online.

Matt Lovett
Matt Lovett
Matt Lovett started out in affiliate marketing when he was 13 with a cashback website. Now 26, Matt is an award-winning entrepreneur, founder & managing director at WOW Media and running an international performance affiliate network, WOW Trk.

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