7 Ways To Increase Conversion Rates On Your Landing Pages

7 ways to increase conversion rates on your landing pages

7 Ways To Increase Conversion Rates On Your Landing Pages

Your landing page is first, and potentially your only chance to sell your product. Sounds easy right? Anyone could do it right? It is much easier said than done…

A good landing page is your first key to unlocking success.

Are you happy with your landing page?
Is your landing page perfect?

If your answer is yes, I am going to put it simply: You are wrong. Conversions can ALWAYS be improved on.
I have spent several years building and editing landing pages, and here are the seven rules I always stick to.

1. Keep It Simple

Remember that you will have all kinds of demographics coming to your website. You have to accommodate for all types of users.

Less is more. Don’t overload your user with too much information. Focus on what you want out of your user. It might be to read a particular sentence, sign up for something, or to click a certain link. Tailor your content to your goals.

You don’t want to confuse them or have users bounce with the attitude “I can’t be bothered to read all that”, or give them other reasons to click around rather than focusing on what you want the user to actually do.

A great example of that is a company called Yuppiechef, who simply removed all the navigation from their homepage, and their conversion rate went from 3% to 6%, a massive 100% increase!

Also, keep in mind that behind every customer is an individual. Segmenting your data allows you to start treating them that way. It gives you the intelligence you need to reach the right people with the right message at the right time – every time.

2. Mention Your USP

Did you know, you only have a few seconds to capture the user’s attention? You need to get in there quick so your headline has to be snappy! Research shows that you have anywhere between 4-7 seconds before someone gets bored and bounces.

Like most businesses, you will have plenty of competitors. It is essential to get across to users why they should join you or buy your product rather than go through someone else. Depending on the vertical you work in, up to 81% of users will shop around before purchasing or joining a website.

3. Include Lots of Social Proof

According to Deloitte University research, 50% of consumers that purchase something do so based on recommendations and online reviews. On 20cogs.co.uk, we added our Trustpilot reviews widget in the top fold of our landing page, we saw significant increases in both engagement and sign-ups.

Having a users trust is very important, if your brand doesn’t look credible, they will have lost all interest and go elsewhere.

Social Media has the same effect, if you have good looking engaging Facebook, Twitter, Instagram pages, etc that builds trust within with your brand.

4. Use Videos – It’s 2017!

It is a lot easier for users to digest content through a video. With TVs, YouTube, even video adverts across social media, videos have become part of everyday internet life. A study from Eye View Digital shows that using videos on your landing pages can increase your conversions by up to 80%.

On one of our reward websites 20cogs.co.uk, we launched a ‘how it works’ video on our landing pages. We saw significant uplifts of sign ups straight away, our conversion rates improved by around 25%. Not only that, we saw engagement on 20 Cogs actually improve because it was a how it works video, people were buying into how the product works and therefore increased our earnings per member.

5. Awesome Call To Actions

Call to actions are very important, this is where you are asking a user to sign up, add something to a basket, or make some sort of action to move on towards your goal. They will need to catch a users eye and be appealing enough for a user to engage with. They also need to be clear, concise and should really stand out on the page. So, both the text and colours are very important.

Another example on 20 Cogs, we used to have a transparent button call to action with the text “SIGN UP NOW”. We tweaked with the text and colours over various tests. We now have an orange button with the text “JOIN FOR FREE”. By making the call to action stand out, and by being a bit smarter mentioning it’s free to join, we saw uplifts of around 10%.

Additionally, on one of our other brands Producttesting.uk.com, we did the same test. By changing “SIGN UP” to “SIGN UP FOR FREE”, we saw an 18% increase in sign up rates.

6. Dish Out Incentives & Deals

The majority of companies use incentives to get sign ups or sales these days. Cashback/Earn money has welcome bonuses. Gaming offers almost always use match your deposits by at least 100%. In retail, it’s very rare that you wouldn’t be able to find a discount code for a particular store. Don’t get lost with the times, give a user an additional reason to join or purchase with you and not elsewhere.

7. Test, Test & Test!

Despite my first 6 points which will show improvements in performance, it is equally important to get the right product or service to the most relevant people on a device that best suits their needs.

Maybe your product is impossible to keep simple; it might work better without videos or incentives. Different types of websites will attract different types of users, as will various traffic sources.

Therefore, every change you make, ensure you split test it. If you can’t split test, log stats and create a before and after scenario. If it doesn’t work after a week or so, simply reverse your change.

Ensure you test within a controlled environment, don’t go making significant changes on all sources of your traffic, and try to keep it on a small percentage of your traffic or just one traffic source. The last thing you want is to lose loads of money and your boss asking you questions the following day.

It is important only ever to make one change at a time, if you make too many then you don’t know what has caused the negative or positive impacts.

Lastly, make sure you test all the little things too. Ten small changes that have a positive impact will eventually add up to a significant uplift. Don’t write off making small text changes, colours of buttons or images.

Craig England
Craig England
Founder & Owner of Absorbed Online. A professional in Digital Marketing since 2012. I've experience in most areas of digital marketing in both B2B & B2C. Just to name a few; affiliate marketing, lead generation, email marketing, re-marketing, PPC & SEO, content marketing, social media and probably most importantly monetisation.

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