Guide To Growing Social Media Traffic For Free

Guide To Growing Social Media Traffic For Free

Guide To Growing Social Media Traffic For Free

Ok, so Social Media isn’t anything new. But if done right, you can gain a f**k ton of traffic for free.

The truth is, Social is an absolute gold mine, and it should be a crucial part of everyone’s marketing plans.

Some businesses build their marketing and business around nothing but social media. A wise move with the considerable growth of Social Influencing recently. For others, they don’t use it at all (I don’t know why!).

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Let’s take a look at some quick numbers:

Facebook – As of Q4 2017, has 2.13 billion active members.

Instagram – 800 million active members. 100 million of those go on the social platform at least once per day.

Youtube – 1.3 billion active users with 300 hours of videos are being uploaded every single minute.

Twitter – 330 million active members with over 500 million tweets sent per day.

Pinterest – 150 million active members.

Google+ has been marked as a ‘failure’ by experts. But still, with 111 million active members, it’s still one to consider setting up if you haven’t already.

Lastly, if you’re in the B2B world, Linkedin has 530 million registered members.

Think of it this way; you have potential access to turn all those users into traffic.

Naturally, all of these social platforms want you to spend advertising money with them. Which is exceptionally useful, but today we’re purely going to focus on driving FREE traffic from social.

The Advantages Of Having A Social Media Plan

A good social media following can help in lots of ways.

Just to name a few; brand awareness, improves SEO, a higher quality of traffic, better trust and authority.

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First thing’s first. You’re going to need to increase your social presence and following before you can get those users to your website. For that to happen, you’ll need ‘likes’, ‘followers’ & ‘subscribers’.

So how do you grow your social without any budget? Let’s get stuck in!


Hashtags are going to be your best friend, especially if you are just starting out. It’s a great way to get not only new followers but the type of followers you want. The likes of Twitter & Instagram will display your content publically. With the right hashtags, you’ll get great engagement and more followers.

Support From Other Pages

Ask the relevant pages if they can do anything to help you out. You’ll see a lot of page cross promotions on Social Media ‘follow this great page’ or ‘check this out, credit goes to…’ promotions.

They might want payment, which isn’t ideal. Or could wish to share some of your content and give you credit, for you to return the favour and share their page, or even just share you because they are feeling nice. In this case, you don’t ask. You don’t get.

Offers & Promotions

Make sure you are always posting offers and promotions for your users to take advantage. Social stack did a study that showed 42% of people like Facebook pages to get some discount or coupon.

If you are posting this type of content for users to take advantage of, you’ll retain, attract new followers and you should drive more sales too! It’s a win-win scenario.

Produce Shareable Content

When people share what you’re doing, their friends and followers see it too. It’s all additional exposure at no cost. Although, this is a hell of a lot easier said than done!

Try some of these ideas: Something funny, a mind-blowing statistic, competition or contest, a success story, something inspiring.

You’ll have to try all kinds things before finding something that works. Also, bear in mind to keep it relevant to what you’re doing. If you have a shoe fashion business, you wouldn’t want to share something football related.

Facebook Groups

There are hundreds of thousands of Facebook groups out there, and most the time the engagement is a lot better than pages. Use them to your advantage.

Search for groups that might be useful to you, and how you could help the people in those groups. Where are your demographic of users going to be hanging around?

Once you’ve found some groups, introduce yourself and help that community with what you do. Some groups will also allow you to do self-promotions, where you could drop links to your Facebook page or website. Be careful though, as some will have strict rules, you don’t want to get kicked out before you’ve even started.

Or, why not make a group yourself?

Post Consistently, But Not Spammy

You want to post as much as you can without it annoying you’re followers. This will vary depending on what social network you’re using. For example, on Twitter, you could easily tweet 3 or 4 times a day, and it wouldn’t be a problem. If you posted that much on Instagram or Facebook, it could be quite annoying. It’s your job to find a sweet spot.

People can look at your page before deciding whether to follow you or not, if you’re continually posting useful stuff, you’ll get a better view to follow ratio. Ultimately, the more posts, the more content, the more likely you’ll find new followers.

Learn The Best Times To Post

Ask yourself, when are your users most likely to be online? For me, most of my Facebook fans in the advertising and marketing work during the day, so they’re most likely going to be on Facebook at lunch, or in the evening. So it’s going to be a bit pointless me posting at 10 am on a Tuesday morning.

Again, this is something that will be trial and error. Keep testing and trying different things until you find what works.

Engage With Your Followers

Although this won’t directly get you more followers. Replying and talking to your followers is best practice. Remember, without these guys, everything you are doing here is pointless, look after them.

Be Fun

Social Media is a fantastic opportunity to be a bit more fun and let go of the professional side of things. Not only can this be this type of content be more engaging, but it’s important to show some variety rather than the same old boring stuff.

Innocent Smoothies is the best example of this. They rarely promote their stuff on social, their marketing plan is about being fun, engaging and branding which works very well and supports their company in fun yet efficient way.

Rounding Up

These tips alone aren’t going to make you a superstar overnight. It takes consistency, planning, testing, and a lot of patience.

Do you have any success stories? How did you go about growing your social pages? Comment below!

Craig England
Craig England
Founder & Owner of Absorbed Online. A professional in Digital Marketing since 2012. I've experience in most areas of digital marketing in both B2B & B2C. Just to name a few; affiliate marketing, lead generation, email marketing, re-marketing, PPC & SEO, content marketing, social media and probably most importantly monetisation.

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